Beautiful Babies!!!

Ok, I have been a bad blogger, but I have a good excuse. I have been super busy photographing adorable babies. Everyone loves sneak peeks so here are some pictures of the little ones.Juliadiaper_3 

I photographed Julia on Thursday. Not only does she have a beautiful name, but she was just as lovely as can be. I couldn’t believe how awake this newborn was. She had her eyes open the entire time to my amazement. Here are a few more.Juliacouch

Look at those beautiful eyes!


It was so wonderful to see this family as we had photographed their wedding back in 2005. They now have an adorable daughter and she was a joy to photograph. Here’s one of my favorites. Doesn’t she look just like a combination of the two of them?


Adorable Ben was such a trooper. I got to be creative and try all these different ideas and he didn’t complain one bit! Maybe he even had fun! I know I did.



I still have a ton of family portraits to post. Check back for more soon.

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